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For historical image resources, please contact the CBC Image Research Library, which has an extensive archive of still photography dating back to the 1950's.

She has earned a diva-like reputation thanks to her acerbic comebacks and sassy meme-worthy expressions.

After Russell Westbrook won the NBA MVP Award, his team decided to show him they want him to remain as part of the OKC franchise’s future.

The Thunder acquired former Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George in one trade and then former New York Knicks All-Star Carmelo Anthony in another trade.

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She also said she has realised there is more to life than material goods and desires a simple life out of the spotlight where she can keep chickens.

Thunder game live streaming online or on television Tuesday night.

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", so we all hurried out of the restaurant.'And, despite her reaction to the thunder, Gemma insists she's not actually a 'diva.'Asked what the biggest misconception about her is, she said: 'That I'm always confident and a diva.'However, fans of the loveable blonde beauty will no doubt argue otherwise after seeing her behaviour on I'm A Celebrity... She said recently: 'I think people think I'm so confident.

Here are the latest details for tonight’s game including matchup odds, television channel, start time, and how to watch the Rockets vs.

Thunder live stream online in participating regions.

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