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This notice is intended only to inform you of where to obtain this information and is not an indication of the presence of registered sex offenders.PROPER WRITTEN NOTICE Proper written notice should include address of rental property, and either be delivered in person or by certified mail, return receipt requested.The tenant may not deduct more than 1/2 month’s rent per repair or more than one month’s rent in any 12 month period under this provision.Have Rent Reduced: In cases of serious defects, a court or arbitrator may determine that rent should be reduced until defect is corrected.Termination for other lawful reasons is permitted by law.REQUIRED NOTICE TO TENANTS Landlords must provide tenants with information provided or approved by the Department of Health about the health hazards associated with mold, and information about how to control for mold.

A landlord can NOT terminate a tenant’s lease, refuse to renew your lease, evict you, or refuse to rent to a tenant because they are a victim of domestic violence.MONTH TO MONTH TENANCY: An oral or written agreement which continues indefinitely until one of the parties terminates the agreement with written notice.TERM LEASE: A written contract to rent a residence for a specified period of time.TENANT’S RIGHT TO PRIVACY RENTAL AGREEMENTS Rental agreements establish the conditions for use and occupancy of a residence.If a deposit is required, the rental agreement must be in writing and an inspection check list completed and signed.

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