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Buckle up — it’s going to be a rather smooth, if incredibly long and boring ride.

: The train from Bergen to Oslo made its first voyage in 1909, but no one thought to put a camera on the front of it and transmit unedited footage of the journey until a century later.

He is probably unaware that he is being watched, and that his movements will be later seen by thousands. The train is passing the Hardangerjøkulen glacier, which is where the Hoth scenes for , except without any Tauntauns and 100 percent more undulating train tracks, and that’s basically what’s on-screen right now. : America has been doing slow TV for decades — NYC TV station WPIX first shot footage of a festive fire at Gracie Mansion for a three-hour-long Christmas program in 1966.

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The setting is obvious — where else would a seven-hour TV special about a train trip begin?

There is no script to consult, no Brita filter through which we can strain the impending scenery.

I am about to spend seven hours watching a train that is not personified, has no friends, and definitely does not have Tom Cruise aboard traverse the Scandinavian countryside.

The slow TV shows , which span a combined 12 hours, pregames the endless showcase of crackling fires with debates about how to properly stack wood and serves as an ode to Norway’s timber.

A few years later, a book titled — no, not the Beatles song or the Haruki Murakami novel — became a wild best seller across the globe because, not despite of, its insanely in-depth guidelines of how to correctly chop wood and stack it.

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