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Nevertheless, he continues dating non-Jews in the meantime.It is hard to blame him for thinking that it probably won't do any harm - after all, he doesn't plan on getting married for a decade, or more.Furthermore, when one marries another Jewish person, the chances of a familys Jewishness lasting increase exponentially.For many people, especially in their late teens and early twenties, dating and marriage seem quite disconnected.Whatever they agreed to previously, within 4-5 years of marriage, people often realize that they also value the traditions they were brought up with. In intermarriages involving one Jew and one non-Jew, the sad reality is that study after study confirms that the vast, vast majority of intermarried families, Jewishness simply doesnt last.

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Giving once, even a lot of money, will not have the same effect. I kept a lot of small change on me and for a month whoever asked was given at least a small coin. Even if you are not presently ready to get married, if you want to marry Jewish, dating non-Jews is still a bad idea because the more you date non-Jews, the more the idea of intermarriage seems normal. Already in the 1971 National Jewish Population Survey, researchers discovered the important but often overlooked statistic that Jews who intermarried were about four times more likely to have dated non-Jews during their late adolescent period than were those who did not intermarry.

Only 11% of the children of intermarriage would be "very upset" if their kids did not regard themselves as Jews.

Less than 10% of the children of intermarriage themselves marry Jews.

This is not surprising since practical issues can seriously affect a couple, despite their feelings for each other.

Consider that, presumably, 99.99% of couples who get married are "in love." Yet Children look to parents as their bedrock of love, support, and care.

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