Is audrina dating corey again

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– which did not get renewed for a second season – Patridge, 26, tells PEOPLE “now things are good” between her and on-again beau Bohan.

“Filming a reality show really takes a toll on relationships because your mindset is to create good TV,” she says.

“I’m back again, refreshed and not burnt out,” she says.

“It’s something that was an ongoing thing that I talk about in the show,” Patridge, 25, told PEOPLE Wednesday night during the premiere party for her new series at The Library lounge, inside Hollywood’s Redbury Hotel. “You’ve just got to move on, and sometimes you’ve got to think about yourself instead of trying to people please,” she said.So, what we were going through on the show was different than the real life stuff." "No, I mean, we worked a lot together and we traveled a lot together, so we had a lot of hours together and we became really good friends," he explained."So, there were points where there'd be romantic spots where we would get romantic and be very comfortable, and then I think life and working elsewhere other than the show kinda just pulled us apart.“With seven straight years of filming, I didn’t really get time to organize my house or do things for myself, so I just took some time off.I moved to the beach.” Patridge, whose last day as Bongo’s two-year spokesperson was on Tuesday, enjoyed her mini-hiatus, but she’s ready for her next assignment.

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