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This week, watch new episodes of “The Woman’s Connection,” “The Kristal Hart Show,” “The Facts,” “Eclectrix Showcase,” “So Much to Talk About with Nabaté Isles,” “Art Tour International,” “Gotta Run With Will,” and “Making Manhattan.” “The Woman’s Connection” Monday, November 13, pm MNN4 On this week’s “The Woman’s Connection,” host Barrie Switzen sits down with author, blogger and activist Aliza Sherman to learn about the growing cannabis industry.More Info: “The Woman’s Connection” on the Web “The Woman’s Connection” on Twitter “The Kristal Hart Show” Tuesday, November 7, pm MNN2 Tune in to “The Kristal Hart Show” this week to see coverage of the Deontay Wider vs. More Info: “The Kristal Hart Show” on Twitter “The Facts: Some Corruptions” Tuesday, November 14, pm MNN2 Each episode of “The Facts” is either a music-story (using composed and improvised music and story), or a rehearsal for a music-story, or a discussion between scholars and experts.Hear from Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and watch as teams of Beta NYC 'data jammers' present their tools for exploring and leveraging open data from NYC's 311 service requests.More Info: “Internet Society” on the Web “Internet Society” on Twitter “Eclectrix Showcase” Wednesday, October 4, pm MNNHD Check out a selection of musical performances this week on Eclectrix Showcase.This week, Pauline Park talks with Lenore Von Stein about local, and national political controls.More Info: “The Facts” on the Web “The Facts” on You Tube “The Facts” on Twitter “Eclectrix Showcase” Wednesday, November 15, pm MNN4 / MNNHD Eclectrix presents “The Daggers.” Band leaders Kyle Brodie and Gabriel Morton have crafted a high-energy show featuring their repertoire of original rock, funk, latin jazz, hip-hop, and reggae.More Info: “Eclectrix Showcase” on the Web “Eclectrix Showcase” on Twitter “Art Tour International” Thursday, September 21, pm MNNHD This week on “Art Tour International,” watch an exclusive interview with Mexican writer, Anna Paola Gorozpe, as well as Art 2 Heart interviews with fine art photographer Barbara Moore and Argentinean painter Lydia Panart.Three very inspiring artists, three extraordinary success stories, very profound messages presented by international art personality, Viviana Puello.

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On these occasions, there are no School bus services at the close of School.

More Info: “Gotta Run With Will” on Facebook “Gotta Run With Will” on Twitter “Gotta Run With Will” on You Tube “Ginger New York” Friday, October 6, pm MNN1 / MNNHD “Ginger New York” is back this week with Jordana Guimaraes, founder of The Nylon Project, to discuss what she and her team are doing to help the homeless through fashion and entertainment.

Ronit Pinto and Jaime Lubin also appear to talk about their involvement in the project.

It is a truly magical place that has remained as a testimony of this master's moments of inspiration.

Plus, an exclusive presentation of New York artist Michael Lam in Times Square and an Art 2 Heart interview with ATIM Messenger of Peace Ed Moret, in Florence, Italy.

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