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And all the connections you supposedly had well they all of a sudden disappear. Looking for a relationship don't look on AFF all you'll get is played like a piano.And if your looking for NSA or FWB all you'll find are sleazy hookers. Having a right good time on AFF, takes me back to my membership days when I was shagging more than ron jeremy in his prime lolz!I got offers, at least between 5-10 daily, but they all (men, in my case) were either fresh out of the insane asylum, married trying too cheat, or just total losers!They all lie, never once had a man give it too me straight, or be real.three had not been on line at all within the last 24 hours BUT worse still one other person had been on line BUT had logged off nine hours ago and the last person had logged off two hours ago.Link this lieing by the site with the fact that it rarely works properly is as slow as a wet weekend and all you have is a MONEY GRAB.Currently, I'm in Europe and there are plenty of people.Not necessarily what I'm looking for but they're there. You can't respond or read a message fully unless you're a gold member.

To think I only gave an 8/ 10 when I wrote a review for that & ive had more sex through that site than any other!This is one of them, hookuphangout is another & personally I go for tinder as a free option but this really depends on where you live and how many women are on sites in your local area. However, those few chicks who will reply are absolutely worth the hustle!Drew G, Aberdeen I've been a member of Aff for 3 months now and imo only about 10-20% of the members you will interact with seriously want to hookup w/you. Met two girls within those 3 months and had a blast.i am still looking for a relationship with a lady so i have a wile ago on this website i have meny messages from lady's that looking for but i mean wile thea try to scamed me asking for money to send to them i'm not looking for to be scamed no i'm looking for my tru love and still do my conclusion don't go on this website you will being scamed by scammers that fake have profiles to have alot of money to live on I read a few reviews and agree with what was said.You *can* get dates and meet up with people no matter where you live.

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