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Longer mea culpa coming tomorrow.” The CFL has been good on social issues over the past few years: strong stands on domestic violence, partnership with You Can Play, the Diversity is Strength campaign that was fast-tracked after Charlottesville.This league can be as incompetent as any other, but it still knows that it really lives in its communities, Toronto perhaps excepted.“But we also felt that after talking to dozens of people, people we trust, people we admire, that Art Briles a is a good man that was caught in a very bad situation.”Mitchell also said, “That doesn’t excuse what went on there by any stretch or the horrific experiences that some young women went through.But as an organization we have to decide whether we’re going to give people a second chance and judge them for their own character, morality, and ethics.Ticats president Scott Mitchell, in an interview that couldn’t have been more of a train wreck if it had done a nosedive off a trestle bridge, said that Briles had been exonerated by the university.The university that fired Briles and contradicted his version of events, over and over? “The more we contemplated it, deliberated over it — and obviously I spoke to (owner) Bob Young about it as well — we just thought it was a very serious situation,” Mitchell told Drew Edwards of 3Down It shouldn’t have taken the backlash for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to remember that, but it did.

And even then, the CFL wasn’t sure it would hold weight.So they went with old-fashioned diplomacy instead, arguing and leaning and persuading into the evening, and saved the team from themselves.The statement announcing Briles wasn’t coming arrived at p.m.On my latest visit to Indiana, a friend gave me an interesting document–an old booklet for Rockome Gardens, a long-running tourist destination featuring rock gardens, intricate stonework and other attractions, located in the Arthur, Illinois Amish settlement.The booklet is entitled “Your Visit With the Amish in the Arthur and Arcola Area”.

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